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Opening Ceremony of Saraswati World School, Hooghly on 23rd May 2017

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New Era of Education in UN registered NEST based learning and Activities.


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The  26th issue of The Education Charter (Volume VII Issue IV)

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Quadrennial report for year 2012 2015

Quadrennial report for year 2012 -2015



The Global Initiative of Saraswati World School, Hooghly with CCLP Worldwide under NEST Methodology has been approved and registered with United Nations -Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals (Quality Education) Smart Criteria.

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The SDG Initiative of Saraswati world School may be accessed at United Nations Site with this link


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                                        Google Classroom

Saraswati World School has implemented Google App for Education called Google Classroom which is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organise assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently and communicate easily with their classes for its teaching staffs and Students.Google apps sws logoThe App is the most advanced solution offered by Google to various schools and educational institutions worldwide to enhance teaching and learning experience via mobile app and tablet enabled environment. SWS is committed to provide  technological advancement in teaching methods and reach.


NEST LogoNEST (Nature, Environment, Science and Technology) BASED EDUCATION


CCLP Worldwide is Owner of NEST Methodology and all related logos exclusively developed in Spain by Prof. Dr. Rosemary.

The four pillars of this methodology bring new dimension of learning and development for students.

The main focus is on practical classes with outdoor venture where teachers and students jointly explore first hand experience of Nature and Environment like practical classes in field, farming tours, botanical gardens visits etc.

Under this method of teaching students get to know things beyond classroom like how and where such things are conceived or made  .The idea is to make students observe and feel their mother nature.

It is true when we come close to nature we understand the value of fragile environment and thus teaches to protect environment.

The exposure of nature and its fragile environment is coupled with use of Science and latest technology. It strives to make balances between theoretical classes and practical exercises.

“The goal of NEST is to learn from nature so that we can preserve our environment for future generations. The approach will be based on the principles of modern science and technology will be the fulcrum of communication between our modern lives and the environment at large.

Our school focuses on in graining theoretical studies into practical life situations so as to ensure clarity of thought and understanding of what we study and its implications in our lives.

Our approach shall include and involve the following activities ::
1. Junior students shall be encouraged and will be part of our “reach the unreach” programme where they will undertake trips to some backward village and impart special education on specific subjects of public welfare and health.

2. “leadership Acceleration” from a young age each student will be assigned groups of young people from neighbourhood locations and will be assigned to carry out specific social welfare tasks. This is to ensure that leadership skills are ingrained at a practical level from a young age.

3. “cycle of innovation” current day challenges will be highlighted and groups will be formed where the target is to provide innovative solutions to the challenge which is implementable. This will enable our students the principles of teamwork early in life coupled with ability to think out of box.”

As told by Mr. Sayan basak, Group A. Vice President, Development Credit Bank, about NEST methodology.

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