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Community Lunch at School – A sense of Fellowship


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The way a school organizes its lunch program will tell you a lot about its commitment to the community and student wellbeing.

Saraswati World School is committed to accelerating learning with purpose and building character as champions.

In this view, SWS has organized a community lunch program aligned with the values of the school.

1. Every student brings in his or her portion of a healthy meal for sharing with friends.

2. The atmosphere is noticeably relaxed and calm. Students sit at an assigned place in open in mixed grades with a faculty or staff member. An adult is present to encourage manners, healthy eating, and conversation.

3. Variety of lunch boxes clubbed together creates interest and appetite for fellow students.

4. At the conclusion of lunch, all students assume different responsibilities and experience altogether a new way to mingle with friends. It inculcates a sense of discipline, friendship, sharing, healthy conversation and above all a sense of fellowship.

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