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The student branch of the UN Academic Impact is known as ASPIRE: Action by Students to Promote Innovation and Reform through Education.

ASPIRE is a student-driven initiative and actively embodies UNAI’s principles within student communities around the world. Operating locally within their communities, the activities of each ASPIRE group contributes to UNAI’s overall message of unity and action to address global challenges.

ASPIRE personifies the saying, “Sharing a Culture of Intellectual Social Responsibility.” It connects student organizations and individuals to global opportunities through the United Nations, educational and academic institutions, and civil society groups that focus on the UNAI principles.

ASPIRE groups are directly affiliated to UNAI, and when their institution is a UNAI member, to it as well.

CCLP Worldwide is an Institutional member of United Nations Academic Impact since 2013 And ASPIRE -SWS is a student body of Saraswati World School to promote the ten principles of UNAI.

UNAI-ASPIRE is guided by the following ten universal principles that serve as the cornerstone of UNAI

  • Commitment to the United Nations Charter
  • Human rights
  • Educational opportunity for all
  • Higher education opportunity for every interested individual
  • Capacity-building in higher education systems
  • Global citizenship
  •  Peace and conflict resolution
  • Fighting poverty
  • Sustainability
  •  Inter-cultural dialogue and understanding; “unlearning intolerance”

The ASPIRE-SWS of Saraswati world School has resolved to organize and promote the following activities with its students.

 1. Educational Opportunity for all: Educational support for the poor from nearby villages. Providing learning aids and scholarships to economically backward students of nearby premises.

2. Capacity building in Higher Education Systems: To introduce Add- on courses and other skill development programs. To promote pollution-free renewable energy sources.

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