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Edr. Vikrant Singh, F.C.E.

Chairman- Saraswati World School

An expert in International diplomacy, trade, International  affairs,         Education consultant and financial graduate with over 15 years corporate affairs experience from India and the rest of the World. Some of the key areas of specialization is Lobbying, branding, Connecting people & businesses Leading International Organization of Education Charter in various forum and United Nations and UNESCO. Actively promoting the International campaign of Education Charter by editing and writing for The Education Charter Magazine.

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Dr. Vinod Singh, F.C.E.

Pro Vice-Chairman and Rector Saraswati World School

A determined Initiator that enjoys Challenges” – That summarizes me perfectly in one definition. I love my profession of a successful businessman and at the same time accepted challenge to give back to society as Educator, writer, journalist and Social activist. An expert in UNESCO , Higher Education, Learning assessment International diplomacy, trade, International Affairs, Education consultant and financial graduate with over 10 years corporate affairs experience from India and the rest of the World. Actively participating in the activities of United Nations, European parliament, UNESCO, UNEP and UN Global Compact. Presently nominated in various United Nations Committee, UNESCO Committees and Global Compact Committee.


Mrs. Sneha Singh, F.C.E.

Director- Saraswati World School

It was not easy journey from being a Home maker to writing seriously for Education matter. I enjoy working as Joint editor in Quarterly Education Magazine at the same time give time in various social activities of International Organization of Education Charter.

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